Entirely flexible office, retail and commercial spaces to rent

The office, retail and commercial spaces are arranged over 4 different levels, the focus being on versatility and efficiency. The spaces are designed for a customised layout to suit your business needs.

4.836m2 office space 3.086m2 retail unit space 2.610m2 commercial unit space 327 parking spaces

Rear view of the building

3 types of space for 3 types of use

With its offices, retail units and commercial warehouses, Triologie offers many different possibilities and combinations. Tenants can centralise the various aspects of their business in a single place. They will have interconnected professional spaces where a company could, for example, comfortably accommodate its teams, exhibit its products, deal with its customers and store and/or package its goods.

Would you like further information?

E-mail : info@triologie.lu
+352 27 21 32 24


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