A brand new, innovative and highly efficient real estate asset in Leudelange

Brand new real-estate asset in Leudelange, Luxembourg, the Triologie building is the result of serious consideration given to construction technologies and rental services to provide. Sustainability, flexibility and comfort are quite clearly the overriding priorities driving this complex.

Offices, retail units and commercial warehouses

The Triologie building offers in Luxembourg an exceptional combination of spaces dedicated to office, retail and artisanal or commercial activities. If they wish so, tenants can have their show-room, offices and even a storage area together in a single location.

4.836m2 office space 3.086m2 retail unit space 2.610m2 commercial unit space 327 parking spaces
Rear view of the building

Advanced performance surpassing legal requirements

For the designers behind the Triologie real estate asset, it was supremely important to make best use of the spaces to optimise energy performance and comfort for the building’s users. Much thought was given to the use of renewable energy to provide for the building’s needs and to ways of reducing the remaining energy requirements. The ultimate aim is manifold and focuses particularly on ensuring that the facilities are sustainable and the tenants satisfied.

  • Geothermal energy

    Using a geothermal manifold makes it possible to take advantage of the difference in temperature between the ambient air and the ground. Heat energy is exchanged with the liquid flowing through the coils by using a Turbocore type heat pump with very high efficiency, low energy consumption and a high performance coefficient.

  • Energy

    The thermoactive slab is a floor structure into which coils are integrated – while the concrete is being poured they are very carefully positioned. The hot or cold water which flows through these coils can either warm or cool the concrete which, given its considerable inertia, gradually releases the stored energy.

  • Cooling

    The principle of free cooling involves cooling a building by using the difference in temperature between the air inside and outside. Cooling is achieved without using any cooling energy, as the building can be cooled using a cooling tower which extracts heat from the water by bringing it into contact with the air.

  • Sun

    Office buildings tend to become warm, mostly because of internal but also external heat gains. External shading devices are fitted to exposed outer walls.

Would you like further information?

E-mail : info@triologie.lu
+352 27 21 32 24


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